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"She's Out Of My League,"
Megan Fingerman
Studio: Dreamworks
Release Date:
June 22, 2010
Special Features:

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She's a 10. He's a five … plus one half for niceness and being funny. Subtract one for his Dodge Neon — now he's a four and a half. In "She's out of My League," Kirk (Jay Baruchel) is working as a transportation security administrator in the Pittsburgh Airport with aspirations of becoming a pilot when Molly, (Alice Eve) a stunning blonde bombshell walks through security, accidentally leaving her iPhone behind. One call leads to a visit and then to a date as Kirk and Molly grow closer as a couple.***

In a comedy filled with C-list celebrities, I was quite surprised by the love story, but not by the predictable ending. A not-so-good-looking guy (Baruchel) is hand picked by a knockout event planner (Eve) after swearing off the hot "Ken"-looking men and moving on to the safe type (like not-so-hot Kirk).***

Baruchel, who is known for the guy with the messed up hair in "Knocked Up," makes a superb breakout leading role as the awkward Kirk who is content with his dead-end job while sharing his ex-girlfriend with her new boyfriend ... until Molly comes along.***

Eve is a breathtaking British actress who sheds her English accent for an American one. Although she did a fantastic job in the film, a few slips of her accent were easily noticeable, but not distracting.***

Throughout the film, the theme of being hot and being average was relevant. Unlike some comedies, "She's Out of My League" has such a central message that left me smiling and feeling good — in order for a relationship to work, you must believe that you are good enough to be with that person, whether they are a 10 or five.***

Refreshingly, "She's Out of My League" is an original movie. It was written by Sean Anders and John Morris — both writers for the upcoming comedy, "Hot Tub Time Machine" due in theaters March 26.***

This movie was hilarious above all and made me cheer for the mismatched couple because, for some reason, they just seem right. You will be laughing for minutes at a time, whether it be at Baruchel's character getting a little too excited and ending up with a "big freaking oyster" in his shorts or being close-lined by his ex in a full airport terminal.***

"She's Out of My League" is a film that defies the expectation that all comedies have to be raunchy and disgusting. It adds respectable humor to a love story and tells it in an appropriate manner, leaving you satisfied as the credits roll.***

This movie ranks with "Knocked Up" and "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" on the humor scale and overall great comedy.***

Special Features:

Blu-ray Edition:

Commentary by director Jim Field Smith Deleted scenes with optional commentary by director Jim Field Smith Extended ending Blooper Reel Devon's Dating Show—A "do's & don'ts" guide to dating for guys

Final Words:

Spend the money to see "She's Out of My League" because you never know how you will decide to rate yourself. Is a five really a 10? It's up to you to decide.***


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