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"Shorts" (Adventures of the Wishing Rock)-{Blu-ray}
Kris Devereux
Studio: Warner Brothers
Release Date:
Nov 24 2009
Special Features:

(See Below)


In the small town of Black Falls where a mega corp has set up shop Black Box Unlimited Worldwide (an obvious parody of google or apple probably) and everyone who lives in the town works for Black Box, a top ranked company all thanks to the company latest invention simply called "Black Box" an all in one communication device (probably nothing more then an over glorified smart phone ***

The company also employs the parents of bored 11 year old Toe Tucker played by Jimmy Bennet but Toe's not exactly sold on Black Box Industries all he wants to do is make some friends until one fateful day when he's smacked in his head by a rainbow colored meteor Toe's rock has the ability to grant wishes and soon enough the little town is overwhelmed in no short time by tiny spaceships and the greedy grown ups who want the rock for there own wants and needs. ---

The movie is kinda set up like the horror film trick 'r treat basically the same thing for the most part severely interlocking and connected stories written and directed by "Gridhouse's Robert Rodriguez as Toe and his friends try to stop the chaos from spreading it all boils down to the old adage "be carefull what you wish for you just might receive it", Shorts also co-stars Jon Cryer (Two & Half Men) William H Macy (ER) & as the CEO of "Black Box" James Spader (Secretary)

Image and Sound:

Pretty good actually if you ignore the bad special effects and the sound and picture are both good, it's in thankfully it's original aspect ratio of 1.85.1 on the blu-ray version --- English Dolby TrueHD 5.1 sound & English French & Spanish Dolby digital 5.1 on the DVD version it's in English french & Spanish Dolby digital 5.1 also with English French & Spanish subs.

Special Features:

(Standard Version)

Ten Minute Film School: Short Shorts making of featurette ,Ten Minute Cooking School: Chocolate Chip Volcano Cookies featurette

On the blu-ray version

Magic Of Shorts featurette

Shorts Show And Tell featurette

Digital Copy of the film for MAC & PC

BD-Live features

Additional DVD copy of the film

Final Words:

For a children's fantasy it's got it's moments and yes "Shorts" is very much like Robert Rodriguez's "Spy Kids" trilogy, from the forced humor and bad special effects it's an OK children's fantasy. For a rental yes but a buy that's not really suggested from me it's just there nothing more and less an OK fantasy kids movie.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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