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"Skyline" - {Blu-ray}
Wayne Klein
Studio: Universal
Release Date:
Special Features:

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"Skyline" reminded me of a big budget Sy-Fy original TV movie--lots of meaningless but impressive action and not much of a script. It's entertaining enough for what it is.***

Terry and Jarrod (Eric Balfour)friends who aspired to become world class rappers meet up in Marina Del Rey for Terry's birthday party at his cool pad. Jarrod brings his girlfriend Elaine with him and finds out that Terry who has made as a promoter of rap wantt to reunite the team. Jarrod struggles to stay afloat as a photographer and is tempted. While celebrating with Terry's friends the invasion unfolds. They try to escape but take refuge back in Terry's place when it's clear they are trapped within the confines of the city.***

Unfortunately for our heroes the aliens have this mysterious blue light that hynotizes humans and they then get sucked away and so does their brains.***

The story behind-the-scenes is more interesting than the movie itself.***


Directed by Greg and Colin Strause (their visual effects production company worked on the visuals for "Battle: Los Angeles" strangely enough...)"Skyline" got knocked in the press as a knock off of a film that hadn't even been released yet--"Battle: Los Angeles". Both however are a knock off of "War of the Worlds" both the original film from the 50's as well as Spielberg's remake, throw in some "District 9" AND "Independence Day" (which was, itself, a rip-off of "War of the Worlds")as well as a half dozen other big and low budget science fiction flicks and we have "Skyline".***

It's entertaining and diverting for what it is.*** The script isn't all that well written although it does have a number of clever ideas in it. It's the execution that's lacking but the film manages to sometimes succeed in spite of itself.***

The Blu-ray looks spectacular but it's like looking at a bowl of specatuclar plastic fruit; the temptation to eat it is there but, well, there's nothing TO EAT but it sure looks good.***

Special Features:

Extras include two commentary tracks featuring the directors and writers/producers of the film. We get deleted/extended/alternative scenes and some other minor special features.

Final Words:

"Skyline" is impressive looking, it's the victory of style over substance. I have the feeling that those that saw "Skyline" were pulled in by that hypnotic blue light and then their brains were taken. It would explain so much. Obviously the movie appealed to someone because there are plenty of four and five star reviews here. If you're one of the lucky few that loved the movie write a review. If you want to see it, rent it first. Hopefully you'll have your brains afterwards.


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