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“Smallville: Season 10” - {Bluray)
John A. Reese
Studio: Warner Brothers
TV -Series
Release Date:
November 29th, 2011
Special Features:

See Below


Wow, I cannot believe that "Smallville" has been on television for 10 years. If you do not the premise already, "Smallville" follows the adventures of Clark Kent (Tom Welling), who lives in Smallville, Kansas, before his years as Superman. "Smallville" has been wildly uneven for the past few seasons and it really shows in the 10th and final season of the show. Since this is last season the writers decided to cram as many characters in as possible. We see the return of characters like John and Martha Kent, Supergirl, General Zod, Hawkman, and others. This season even introduces new characters such as Darkseid, Booster Gold, Granny Goodness, Braniac5, and others. In addition, the show tries to tie up some loose ends with story arcs involving Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, The Phantom Zone, parallel universes, a possible marriage between Clark and Lois, and more. Although viewers will be able to tell that "Smallville" is showing its age. On another note, It seems like ever since Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) left at the end of the season seven the show had lost its way. I think that was one of the reasons why the show felt disjointed and sloppy at times. Although there were some good moments in the show, the season was tiring to watch at times. The finale was pretty satisfying, so at least the show went out on a semi high note.

Image & Sound:

The image is so detailed and visually striking, and the dialogue is very clear. Plus the score sounds great thanks to the 5.1 DTS-HD audio track. -----

Special Features:

There are deleted scenes from the episodes, "Shield", "Supergirl", "Beacon", "Scion", and "Abandoned"

Then there are audio commentaries for two episodes.

In addition, there are two featurettes. The first one is called "Back in the Jacket: A Smallville Homecoming". It is a nice featurette because it talks about the 200th episode and progress of the characters over the years.

The second featurette is "The Son Becomes the Father". It is about the relationships between Clark and his parents and Lex and his father.

Finally there is the "How Do We Do" music video. The technical aspects on the Blu-ray disc are marvelous as "Smallville" really benefits from the Blu-ray conversion.

Final Words:

If you are a "Smallville" fan and have bought all of the previous seasons then there is no reason to stop now. Also, if you own a Blu-ray player than I would recommend this season set over the DVD version. Naturally the Blu-ray set is better than the DVD set, and it is even better than the high definition broadcasts of "Smallville".


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