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“Something Borrowed" - {Blu-Ray}
Roxanne Romero
Studio: Warner Home Video
Release Date:
Special Features:

Deleted scenes, featurettes, gag reel, digital copy, dvd verison Rating: PG-13


Apparently, people do really stupid things when they turn thirty. That's exactly what Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin), a good girl attorney does in this attempt at a romantic comedy, "Something Borrowed". After a drunken night partying with her best friend since childhood, Darcy (Kate Hudson) and Darcy's fiance, Dex (Colin Egglestfield), Rachel wakes up to find herself sharing a bed with Dex. They share a slightly sorted past as it is. Rachel was in love with Dex in law school and accidentally encouraged him to ask out Darcy. He did, despite his own feelings for Rachel. The relationship then snowballed into a long engagement. For years, Rachel kept her feelings secret, but as she learns of Dex's feelings for her, the pair continue to fall into bed behind Darcy's back. Will they end up together, eventually breaking the heart of Darcy? Or will they swallow their feelings like they've been for the past few years? ***

With that premise, one can't help but feel a sense of deja vu. It's the basic plot to eight out of ten romantic comedies released with a few addendums. Rachel is a whiny doormat, who is incapable of standing up for herself throughout the entire run of them film. Darcy is annoying, obnoxious, and shallow. It is difficult to believe these girls were able to remain friends over their lifetimes. In fact, aside from the adorable dance scene in Rachel's apartment, I saw no evidence of any real kind of friendship. Dex is so much like Rachel, it's sad. We are expected to root for these two people who are hurting their friend/fiance, and we are expected to think it's okay because Darcy is such a horrible person. But when they themselves, aren't likable, it's a complete stretch to try and care.***

The writers missed a wonderful opportunity in Goodwin and John Krasinski, who plays Rachel's best friend, Ethan, and who really needs more screen time. The pair literally light up the screen in the all too brief moments they share. A film centering around the two of them would have been incredible, instead of this cheating mess we are left with. ***

Image & Sound:

Not much to say here. The transfer was done well, managing to avoid any marks, scratches, or bands. The colors are vivid and while the contrast seems to shift a little, it is barely noticeable. As for the audio quality, it isn't extraordinary, but it serves the purpose well enough.***

Special Features:

"Something Borrowed" comes with a decent enough spread of special features, none of which are extremely profound, though, most of them are quite cleverly named. Depending on the version one chooses to get, a digital copy of the film and a DVD version may also be added to the list. "On Location Tours" is a short featurette with Author Emily Griffin. It is basically a book club on a bus that also talks about that movie. "Inside 'Something Borrowed" is a very, very short featurette that uses clips and a bit of behind-the-scenes footage to talk about the film. The most endearing feature offered is the too short "Something Old?" where the cast and crew (including the oh-so-charming John Krasinski) reflect on turning the big 3-0. "What is 'Something Borrowed'" is a lot like the featurette prior, except instead of talking about getting old, the cast discuss the meanings and such of the film's namesake. "Left of the Guest List" is the aptly titled gathering of deleted scenes, which make you super glad they were left off the guest list. A gag reel and "Marcus' Guide to the Ladies" are also featured. ---

Final Words:

"Something Borrowed" is the standard romantic comedy without any real likable characters or romance. This film will leave you feeling bored and blue.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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