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Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Release Date:
Special Features:

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A soft porn cinematic peep show in sour family values clothing, Spread may strangely have more split personality tendencies than the star Ashton Kutcher, in his apparent consistent yen for older women on or off screen. And with the salacious title of the movie not at all shy about referring to the countless women more than willing to open themselves up, so to speak, to this sexually calculating financial predator, Spread is the sort of film that lets you have your cake, and be barely scolded for it afterwards. Ashton Kutcher is Nikki in Spread, a glum gigolo on a tell-all Hollywood mission, in weird advisory player capacity to the audience. And while his aspiration to have sex with as many 'six foot women weighing 89 pounds' may not be everyone's cup of aphrodisiac, Nikki seems to have an even more pressing motive in mind. That is, slacking his way through the swankiest upscale bedrooms in LA by sexually satisfying lonely older women. His current high price tag prey is Samantha (Anne Heche), a libidinous control freak with occasional urges to check into a hospital for something called genital rejuvenation, enough said. But while conning Samantha between the sheets, along with numerous other female temptations on the sly, Nikki is involuntarily smitten by Heather (Margarita Levieva), a diner waitress who may be serving up much more than burgers and fries on her own predatory menu. And if you believe this calculating con man can't suddenly resist the charms of a hostile greasy spoon waitress who see right through him, there's a bridge I can sell you too.

Special Features:

Audio Commentary with Actor/Producer Ashton Kutcher and Actors Anne and Margarita Levieva; Featurettes: Living The Dream: The Making Of Spread; The World According To Nikki; Behind The Scenes With Ashton Kutcher;Theatrical Trailer.

Blu-Ray Extras: Picture In Picture - Urban Sprawl: Los Angeles In Spread.

Final Words:

Whether or not Ashton and main squeeze Demi Moore got excited about this naughty nudies in and out of love romp in order to watch it on replay after hours together, I can't say. But Scottish director David Mackenzie (Young Adam, Asylum) could certainly use a whole lot of his character's seductive expertise, to apply to satisfying his prospective audience.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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