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"Stargate Universe - Final Season"
Wayne Klein
Studio: MGM/Fox
Release Date:
Special Features:

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As tired TV show concepts go, "Stargate" has a whopper of one that has both delivered well (witty, entertaining TV) and poorly (aliens that mostly look and sound like humans...that was so 1960's "Star Trek"). By the time of "Stargate Universe" it was clear that the franchise needed a transfusion but of what? It turned out that the producers decided it was dose of "Battlestar: Galatica". I'm not sure that was the smartest move as it suffered in comparison and the tone just wasn't the same as the other "Stargate" TV shows. ***

Regardless of the flaws it seemed like the illiterate network Syfy had no clue what to do with the show and so decided to cancel it. That's not the first time that Syfy has given up on a promising show; "Farscape" was terminated and was one among many shows that the network threw up their hands and walked away from only to alienate their fan base. ***

I'm not going to bother summarizing "Stargate Universe" because if you're reading this you've probably already seen it, know of it and/or watched a couple of episodes (or read about it elsewhere). Instead, I'll be focusing on the quality of the set itself. ---

Image & Sound: "Stargate" looks quite good with a detailed transfer. The dark nature of the show makes it a challenge to transfer and while this is far from a demo quality transfer, it looks good. ***

Audio sounds terrific with a very nice transfer that makes nice use of teh 5.1 mix.

Special Features:

Commentary tracks for each episode are included. We get a number of production featurettes on the show.

Final Words:

A show that demonstrated a lot of potential but failed to deliver on that potential of the series.


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