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"Super 8" - {Bluray} - (Wayne)
Wayne Klein
Studio: Paramount
Release Date:
Special Features:

See Below


"Super 8" is the best Spielberg movie that Spielberg never made (or at least the best since "Stand By Me"). J.J. Abrams has proven to be something of a film and TV chameleon able to imitate the stuff he liked from his youth while also adding something new and unique about which makes it like good comfort food--it's familiar but not TOO familiar. There are some minor problems with the third act of the film but, on the whole, this throw back bit of entertainment recalls what Spielberg (and even Rob Reiner did so well with "Stand By Me" the OTHER best film that Spielberg never made)did well before he became a "serious" artist; Abrams creates compelling characters with nicely detailed teenagers and although the adults are a little less well developed, they are pretty well done.***

Set in the late 1970's, "Super 8" follows a group of kids making a zombie movie that they are going to enter in a Super 8 film competition. The kids witness a train crash while filming at an old train station and SOMETHING comes out of one of the cars. This thing begins taking people from the down, stealing microwaves and other devices. When the military show up, it's pretty clear that something BIG has gone wrong.***

Image & Sound:

The Blu-ray looks positively stunning and is very much a demo quality Blu-ray. Colors pop, detail is remarkably sharp and abundant (well, except for the Super 8 footage some of which was actually shot on 16mm so they could add visual effects--by the way the Super 8 movie is at the conclusion during the titles and is a chuckle particularly if you were from that generation that made their own little movies).***

Audio is positively stunning with a lossless mix.***

Special Features:

We get deleted scenes (all in HD) as well as a series of featurettes covering the train wreck sequence from conception to execution showing us various stages of completion and featuring Abrams, the visual effects superiors, etc. We also get a digital copy (it's a digital download that you need the code sheet for which is inside) and a DVD copy of the film. There are also eight featurettes that focus on the creation of the film from the story to the final product. Finally we get an engaging commentary track by J.J. Abrams but do yourself a favor and listen to it AFTER you watch the movie because there are spoilers and, of course, a lot of info on the making of the film that might prove distracting.***

Final Words:

If you enjoyed early Spielberg films from the 1980's like "Close Encounters of The Third Kind" (or even "E.T." although this is scary and there is some profanity to be aware), you'll enjoy "Super 8".


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