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“Superman: The Complete Animated Series”
Wayne Klein
Studio: Warner Home Video
Release Date:
Special Features:

Featurettes, commentary tracks


Who knew that Superman could be, well, so animated? Superman has been in cartoon form since the original Dave Fleischer directed cartoons of the 40’s and the first Superman serial (where when Superman took off and flew…he was animated). He’s also appeared in “Superfriends” and many so-so cartoons over the years so it’s refreshing to see a more “adult” Superman and stories that accurately represent Supes at his best. ***

Going all the way back to the origin of Superman from his birth, arrival on Earth and becoming the Man of Steel, “Superman: The Animated Series” recreates an icon with this show updating without betraying the origin story and early adventures of Supes. Let’s not forget that during this time Superman also meets his most consistent nemesis—Lex Luthor. We get all 54 episodes of the series. ---

Special Features:

We get a number of commentary tracks on a variety of episodes among the best is the commentary track by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini on the pilot episode of the series. ***

“Superman: Learning to Fly” focuses on the creation and execution of a “new” Superman that still stayed true to the Man of Steel’s roots. ***

“Building the Mythology” focuses on the supporting characters in the series. ***

“Menaces of Metropolis” gives us the villains of Superman and their origins, how they changed during the course of the series. ***

“Superman: Behind the Cape” features David Kaufman who does the voice for Jimmy Olsen in the series takes us behind-the-scenes to meet the producers/writers/directors of “Superman”. ***

“Look Up in the Sky!” takes relevant excerpts from the documentary directed by Kevin Burns and produced by “Superman Returns” director Bryan Singer. ***

The best bit though is a bonus disc included with a documentary produced specifically for this set entitled “The Despot: Darkseid: A Villain Worthy of Superman” introducing us to one of the more formidable bad guys in the film. ***

We also get a pop-up trivia track. ---

Final Words:

You’re money will take flight out of your wallet with this terrific show “Superman: The Animated Series” is a must have for fans of Supes and, even more importantly, it’s something that would make a nice stocking stuffer or gift under the tree for an animation or comic book fan.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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