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"Supernatural: The Complete Second Season" - {Blu-ray}
Wayne Klein
Studio: Warner Home Video
TV - Series
Release Date:
Special Features:

3 Commentary tracks, "The Devil's Roadmap" (new and improved for Blu-ray), deleted scenes, Jared Padalecki's screen test for the role of Sam Rated: NR


There was no witchcraft involved in the success of "Supernatural". The show benefited from top notch writing, direction and performances with just the right dash of quirky humor to offset the horror elements of the show. The second season of the show picks up right where the first ended. Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) have located their dad (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and have the fabled gun fashioned to kill demons in their possession. The trio confront the Demon that killed Dean and Sam's mom only to find it leaping from person to person finally possessing their father almost forcing the boys to kill him. Driving the Demon out of their father the trio escape with the gun believing that they can still track down the creature, find out why it has harvested children with special psychic abilities and how it plans on using them in its "war" against humanity. Then a truck hits Dean's 1967 Impala. Sam is injured but alive and Dean is on the cusp of death with internal injuries. John makes a deal with the Devil or, in this case, the Demon they were pursuing--take his life for Dean's. Before he dies John whispers something to Dean which will resonate throughout the rest of the second season. ***

The second season of "Supernatural" proved that the successful mix of horror, humor and drama was no fluke for Eric Krikpe's show. While "Supernatural" has never garnered huge ratings the series was a beacon in in the darkness that would often cloud the CW (or at the time the WB Network). The story arc that began with the first season continued with the second and deepened improving the depth of and relationship between the characters. Introducing the character of Bobby Singer (which was originally designed for a single episode but Jim Beaver does such a terrific job in his role that the producers/writers chose to make the character a regular. ---

Image & Sound:

Another terrific Blu-ray upgrade for fans of "Supernatural" the second season (which has been the only season missing until now on Blu-ray aside from the forthcoming season six)looks extremely good--it's a marked upgrade for Blu-ray. Colors (well, they were always subdued looking but that's the look of the show)pop for "Supernatural"--the detail is extremely good--increased sharpness is a signficant improvement over the original DVD. Blacks are solid throughout with a high of 29Mbps and a low of 16. ***

I am curious that Warner has elected to not include a lossless soundtrack but, honestly, it would have diminished the quality of the video and what we get a nice 5.1 Dolby Digital soundtrack. The studio would have had to sacrifice something or increase the amount of discs to compensate.

Special Features:

We get three commentary tracks on "In My Time of Dying" (director Kim Manners and actors Ackles & Padalecki), "What Is And Should Never Be" (writer Eric Kripe) and the first part of the season two finale "All Hell Breaks Loose" (Kripke, Manners and writer Sera Gamble) along with deleted/unaired scenes on three episodes. ***

"The Devil's Road Map" is exactly that; a map of the United States showing where each episode takes place in the country You can click on each spot and see material from John's book with writers like Whitley Striber discussing the various monsters. We also see behind-the-scenes footage of the writers/producers discussing the creation of various episodes such as "All Hell Breaks Loose". This edition has been improved with new interviews for the Blu-ray edition. ***

These are essentially featurettes on each episode and they are kind of cool. We also get Jared Padalecki's original screen test on videotape. The quality of the screen test is typical for home video cameras as it was really never intended to be shown. It's kind of cool to be able to contrast his first take on the character vs. the final performance from the pilot episode and subsequent character development over the course of two seasons. ***

We also get three "webisode" featurettes including "The Inside Scoop with Ivan Hayden/VFX Supervisor" discussing the visual effects of the show, the overall look of these effects and how he approaches integrating the visuals into the show. "Inside the Writer's Room" which also aired on the "Supernatural" website during season two features writer/creator/producer Kripke, writer/producer John Shiban and producer/writer/director Robert Singer where the trio point out that the show uses Urban folklore as the basis for most of their episodes. Sadly we can't see the board with story ideas behind them. We also get glimpses of some of the storyboards including plenty of clips from the second season. "The Inside Scoop with Chris Cooper" is the final webisode included and features the prop master for "Supernatural" who discusses "all the toys" that the cast use on the show. Cooper discusses some of the fun stuff he gets to create including the guns and devices that Dean & Sam use. The amusing gag reel rounds things out including a very funny scene where Padalecki has a practical joke played on him during shooting. ---

Final Words:

An exceptional second season with only a few dud episodes, I'd highly recommend the "Supernatural". The show has hip humor that manages to capture much of the fun elements that made "The X-Files" so memorable (and hard to reproduce as the failed but interesting "Kolchak: The Night Stalker" from 2005 demonstrated). We get a booklet with the info on each episode and what is contained on each disc.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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