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"Supernatural" - Season- 6 - {Blu-ray}
Wayne Klein
Studio: Warner Brothers
Release Date:
Special Features:

See Below


"Supernatural" was always meant to be five seasons long so when the show was renewed for two additional seasons the five year plan that creator Erick Kripke had in mind went out the window and so did Kirpke who although is still a consulting producer (and wrote the season finale for season six)stepped aside and writer/co-producer Sara Gamble took the reins.***

Although not as consistent as previous seasons "Supernatural" struggled to establish a consistent tone during the sixth season of the series. Nevertheless, the sixth season had a number of strong episodes including a couple of tongue-in-cheek classics written by writer/co-producer Ben Edlund ("The Tick"). ***

Introducing Sam and Dean's relatives as hunters was a great concept that wasn't developed as fully as it could have been; Sara Gamble and the other writers introduced a number of interesting characters including Sam and Dean's grandfather returning but didn't develop the characters as well as they could have. It's a pity because I think they could have built a couple of good episodes around the "hunter" family exploring their dynamic and relationship and eliminated a couple of the weaker episodes involving Sam & Dean's characters (or had them as peripheral characters much as they are in the episode "Weekend at Bobby's").***

SPOILERS: When we last saw Sam he descended to Hell with Luicifer's personna trapped inside him. Dean adopts a normal family life finding a peace he never had when he was raised. This lasts for a year but it seems like an eternity to Sam. When Sam mysteriously returns he lures Dean back into hunting but Dean finds Sam has changed--he's amoral and seems to delight in the torture of others something Sam would never do. Dean discovers that Sam has returned in body but he has no soul.***


Image & Sound:

The Blu-ray looks positively stunning--with a sharp, desaturated presentation true to the look of the original broadcast. Audio is presented in HD 5.1 lossless quality.***

Special Features:

The extras include commentary tracks on Ben Edlund's amusing "Clap Your Hands If You Believe" and "The French Mistake" (by Edlund, producer Sara Gamble and director Robert Singer). The latter has an interactive trivia track for the Blu-ray.***

We also get a featurette on Jensen Ackles turn behind the camera for "Weekend at Bobby's"; the last two episodes for "Supernatural: The Animated Series" "All Hell Breaks Loose" parts I and II are also include; we also get outtakes/alternate takes for "The French Mistake".***

The Blu-ray also includes "The Hunter's Guide" an interactive feature with exclusive featurettes on the production of the series buried within it. The special features are wrapped up with "Supernatural: The Quest for the Soul" a featurette on season six and the gag reel for the sixth season.******

Final Words:

While season six was a bit uneven taking awhile to find it's footing, once the sixth season did discover the tone for the season there were a number of outstanding episodes. Part of that issue was due to the switch over in producers but the main reason was that the show was originally designed as a five season series.*** Recommended.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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