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“Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue” - {Blu-ray}
Wayne Klein
Studio: Disney Home Video
Release Date:
Special Features:

“Tangled” sneak peak, deleted scenes, games, activities, “Backstage Disney” featurette


Disney continues to milk previous successes for new product. That’s not necessarily a bad thing—the one thing that Disney has that other studios don’t is a series of reliable characters that appeal to kids and the studio does truly try and bring a certain level of entertainment/educational value to their products even if business is at the core of all children’s entertainment. “Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue” unlike a lot of “product” for kids from studios doesn’t have the stink of cynicism and condescension that mars other studio releases. ***

Before Tinker Bell decided to hang out with the Los Boys, she met Lizzy a little girl who believed in fairies. The two share adventures in this entertaining, colorful CGI animated film. While the film doesn’t have the scope of a theatrical release, it’s a fun frolic in the CGI English countryside. This third film in the series of adventures for Tinker Bell is a bit more ambitious in storytelling scope than the previous ones and different enough so that youngsters will enjoy it. ---

Image & Sound:

The transfer is flawless on Blu-ray with a nice looking, sharp and colorful transfer. Again, this won’t quite compare to a theatrical release but the CGI animation has a nice smooth quality that puts it above the standard TV fare. ***

Audio sounds quite nice with a solid 5.1 mix that uses the Surround format very well but dialogue remains front and center the most important piece of the mix here. ---

Special Features:

We get a sneak peak at “Tangled” a theatrical release that’s forthcoming from Disney. We also get deleted scenes most of which are presented in the original storyboard/pre-viz phase as they never made it to final production. ***

A another edition of “Backstage Disney” somewhat related to the film such as the Pixie Hollow contest to design the Fairies home that was done online. ---


Other special Features written by "Dave"- from (Daveland Web)

Combo Packs/ "Beauty & The Beast" Diamond Edition Blu-ray/ 4. Disney Movie Rewards/ "The Search For Santa Paws"/ Anti-Piracy message starting Tinker Bell/ "Beverly Hills Chihuahua II" on Blu-ray/DVD./ Disney Parks/ Disney Nature: "Oceans" and "The Crimson Wing"/ "Toy Story 3" on Blu-ray/DVD/ "Lion King" Diamond Edition/ "Tinker Bell & The Mysterious Woods" - All new movie event/

Deleted Scenes (14:44) - with intros by Director Brad Raymond and Producer Helen Kalafatic. Usually, the deleted scenes don't do much for me, but this time, I found myself wishing that some of them had been kept./

A. "A Real Live Fairy": Flashback showing Lizzy's dad as a boy meeting a fairy and the consequences. Although this scene is a little dark, getting this background on Lizzy's dad would have fleshed out his character much better and made some of his actions more believable./ B. & C. "Lizzy's Bedtime Story": shown in both storyboard and grayscale versions, this is also a very cute sequence./ D."Cat Attack": this sequence is fully rendered in color, and shows my new favorite character, Mr. Twitches the cat. He is a loveable semi-villain from the movie that left me wanting more./ Interesting note: in the intros to the deleted scenes, it's stated that these movies are all prequels to the "Peter Pan" animated classic./

Music & More: "How To Believe" with Bridgit Mendler (3:02) - fun music video with cute Bridgit performing this lighthearted number./

Games & Activities: Fairy Field Guide Builder - Most of the games are boring snoozers. Children will enjoy this fairly easy to figure out primer on Fairies. Definitely one of the best games on a Disney video that I have seen./

Final Words:

Parents won’t roll their eyes as with most direct-to-video material and also don’t have to worry about the values passed along in this latest CGI adventure for Tink. It’ll be fun for little ones.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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