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“True Blood: The Complete Second Season” {Blu-ray}
Wayne Klein
Studio: HBO Home Video
TV Series
Release Date:
Special Features:

Picture-in-picture content, featurettes, six commentary tracks


The life blood for most premium cable stations is original programming. For awhile there it appeared was receiving a fresh infusion everyday; it had three critical hits on its hands (“Deadwood”, “Rome” and “The Sopranos”) and then, just as suddenly, it lost all of them with “The Sopranos” closing out its sixth and final season and HBO’s decision to cancel “Deadwood”, “Rome” and “Carnivale” due to cost issues/viewership. HBO suddenly seemed like a vampire with a stake in its heart, stumbling around, knocking stuff over in a desperate bid to stay alive. ***

Luckily, vampires became the next big thing with the Twilight saga. Alan Ball creator of “Six Feet Under” took the Sookie Stackhouse novels about a waitress in small town located in Louisiana who can read minds. The downside of reading minds is that it’s made it difficult for Sookie to establish a relationship with a guy. The good news is that Sookie discovers one breed of guy whose thoughts she can’t hear—a vampire’s. Bill who has been around since the Civil War has returned to the south to reclaim his family birthright. The duo hit it off and dig their teeth into a series of murders that occur in their small town and try and solve them. Bill and Sookie find something sinister hiding in their own backyard during the first and second season of this popular series and just when things appear to be resolved, we discover a whole new series of supernatural problems for the two of them. ---

Image & Sound:

The overall color scheme is a bit warm and earthy. The detail for the show is quite good although some scenes suffer from a bit too much DNR. ***

Audio sounds quite strong with a vivid and active 5.1 lossless mix. ---

Special Features:

We get picture-in-picture viewing mode that allows us to see behind-the-scenes footage and comments throughout many of the episodes including info on the first season to remind those of us with short memories or who didn’t want watch the first season of the series and wondered what all the fuss was about and decided to take a bite out of season two. You can also watch much of the footage that shows us in the pips separately. ***

We also get six audio commentary tracks with the cast and crew of the series. ***

“Character Perspectives” allows us to hear what motivates the various characters in the series. We also get “Fellowship of the Sun” where a Reverend who is out to get vampires gives advice to members of his flock and “The Vampire Reports” news flashes (sort of). ---

Final Words:

The second season of “True Blood” looks quite nice although it’s not a flawless transfer the show looks pretty darn good here. Audio is terrific and the extras as with all HBO releases are terrific. You’d be batty to pass this one up. Recommended.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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