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“Undisputed III: Redemption” (Blu-ray)
Wayne Klein
Studio: New Line
Release Date:
Special Features:

DVD copy/digital download version Rated: R (and it deserves it)


Watching kick boxing wrestlers beat the crap out of each other isn’t exactly my idea of entertainment. With little more than a whisper of a story to build the action sequences on “Undisputed: Redemption III” much like its predecessors is about seeing people beaten to a pulp. It’s almost the inverse of torture porn because the people that torture each other do so the audience can live vicariously. Torture porn was the bastard stepchild the b-movie horror film and exploitation films of the 70’s and 80’s and “Undisputed: Redemption III” shares a similar type of linage as it is the bastard stepchild of the low budget Cannon films from the 80’s and high faulting action films of the 90’s that substituted character development and drama for blood, guts and violence. ***

After a nasty injury to his knee leaves him somewhat incapitated, Uri Boyka (Scott Adkins) an inmate spending time in prison for murder fills his days cleaning up the prison bathrooms . He gets his last chance to compete in the ring when a fighter when a prison fight promoter (Mark Ivanir) offers Uri a chance to compete in one last tournament where he can possibly earn his freedom in a death match. The only problem is that as is usual with these things the silver lining of winning the tournament is tainted by greed and the hollow promises of those enjoying the spectacle. --

Image & Sound:

“Undisputed III” may be an awful drama but it is a pretty intense series of fight sequences presented with a nice high def transfer. Black levels are solid throughout and detail is quite strong as well. Flesh tones are remarkably good while blood is literally so red that you’ll swear it its food coloring (or something like that). ***

Audio sounds extremely good with a strong 5.1 lossless mix. The sound stage is extremely good and once again clarity and depth is strong. ---

Special Features:

Surprisingly, there aren’t any. Well, that’s not totally true, as this is a two disc set with a DVD copy of the film provided (that also has a downloadable version of the movie) as well.

Final Words:

If you like to watch brutal beatings, blood and people spitting out teeth this is a movie for you.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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