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"V- (2010) -The Second Season" {Blu-Ray}
Daniel Ruwe
Studio: Warner Brothers
TV - Series
Release Date:
Special Features:

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Some TV shows are good at piling up surprises. The disclosures happen regularly but not predictably, and viewers know that the questions that result will be answered. Lost is an example of such a show. So was Twin Peaks. ***

Some shows, though, collapse under the weight of their own surprises, and V is one of those shows. There are plot twists aplenty—but the creators forget that if a road twists enough it ends up going the same direction it was going originally. ***

V centers around an invasion by a species of highly advanced aliens called the Visitors, whose strategy is immensely complicated for a species that can travel interstellar distances and presumably could wipe out humanity with little trouble. In the second season, Visitor Anna (Morena Baccarin) plans an operation called Red Sky, which (prepare to be totally blindsided here) turns the sky red as part of a plan to make humanity worthy to mate with the Visitors. FBI agent Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) plays the role of a double agent, leading a small band of resistance fighters against the Visitors. ***

Their goal is to assassinate Anna, which shouldn’t be that hard to do. Unfortunately, since that would end the show’s central conflict too early, the resistance team has to cook up insanely complicated ways to off her while ignoring multiple perfectly good opportunities where she is totally vulnerable. ***

It’s that kind of show. Characters constantly double cross each other for no real reason, nonsensical plot twists abound, and none of the characters can rise to anything higher than clichéd. I guess V might work as dumb, guilty pleasure entertainment, except I’m pretty sure there are tons of shows that work a lot better as turn-your-brain-off fun too. ***

Image and Sound:

The special effects budget wasn’t really there for this show, and sometimes the green screen is really noticeable. The colors look good, but there is lots of banding and ringing around lights and characters. The first season was plagued by poor sound quality, but this season sounds quite good.

Special Features:

There are the usual deleted scenes and blooper reels, and well as two short documentaries. One looks at the work behind the special effects, the other looks at the direction of the show.

Final Words:

Really, V on Blu-ray isn’t a very good show. Unless you really like one of the actors or feel an unexplainable urgent need to find out what happens, there really isn’t any reason to watch this show.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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