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"The Walking Dead" - {Blu-ray}
Wayne Klein
Studio: AMC and Anchor Bay Entertainment
Release Date:
Special Features:

Documentary, featurettes Rated: NR


All it takes for society to fall apart are a couple of zombies who can infect everyone else and that, perhaps, is why Frank Darabont's TV version of the popular graphic novel resonates so clearly; it's about how precarious our existence truly is and the irony in the title for the survivors of this massive catastrophe is clear--THEY are truly "The Walking Dead" of the title--one step away from becoming denizens of zombieville and spelling the end of the line for humanity if they can't survive. ---

Image & Sound:

The Blu-ray looks extremely good--"The Walking Dead" was shot on 16mm film and, as a result, is quite grainy but that only adds to the "reality" of the series. The digital transfer keeps the series "look" as it was presented on AMC intact. Colors are nice throughout and although the show looks a bit soft that appears to be intentional. ***

Audio sounds quite nice with a supple 5.1 mix that makes good use of the surround format for a show that is primarily dialogue driven. ---

Special Features:

The extras are quite nice for the show--there's nothing on the first disc but disc two of the Blu-ray is packed with goodies. We get a 30 minute documentary that focuses on the creation and development of the series. ***

"Behind the Scenes Zombie Make-Up Tips" is a clever short that let's us in on what it takes to make a zombie. *** We also get half a dozen short pieces that take us behind-the-scenes on specific episodes. ***

"Zombie School" demonstrates the training it takes to get people act like the undead. ***

"Bicycle Girl" gives us the background on the creation of one memorable zombie in particular and we get an 11 minute featurette on the Comic Con panel presentation of the show. ***

We also get "On Set with Andrew Lincoln" letting the actor discuss his character. "Hanging With Steve Yeun", "On Set With Robert Kirkman"(the graphic artist who created the original print version) and "Inside Dale's RV" each run about four minutes and are self explanatory featurettes. ---

Final Words:

Could this set have been better? Sure--if we had a couple of commentary tracks from the writers/producers/directors that might have given us some additional "meat" to "bite into" and learn about the production of the series. Nevertheless, this is an extremely good set that fans of the series will enjoy. It's a pity the first season was so short and that fans have to wait so long for the new season to start. I'm just hungry for more.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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