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“You Again” {Blu-ray}
Wayne Klein
Studio: Touchstone
Release Date:
Special Features:



“You Again” has a terrific comedic premise that once again the unimaginative minds of Hollywood manager to fumble. I’m not sure if the writing or the “suits” are to blame with this one but “You Again” is a mildly diverting movie that disappoints more than it delivers on its potential. ***

When we meet Marni (Kristin Bell) she’s recording video for the school time capsule. was the geek in high school who couldn’t get anything right and if she did her nemesis J.J. (Odette Yustman) makes sure that it turns into disaster. Marni looks like a poster child about every that stinks about the high school teen years; she’s got bad acne, wears braces big enough to drive a railroad car on and looks like she hasn’t washed her hair in a week. Her older brother is the star basketball athlete and Marni’s life goes from bad to worse when J.J. (who naturally is a cheer leader for the basketball team) pushes Marnie (dressed as the mascot)into her brother for getting unwanted positive attention while he is making the game winning final shot of the final game for his team. ***

Jump forward years later and we meet Marni who has now been promoted to a high powered VP position with a PR firm. First though she’s headed home to meet her brother’s new fiancé who, surprise, turns out to be J.J. Somehow even though Marni and her brother grew up in a small town that had ONE high school J.J. had never met her brother and claims not to remember Marni. Marni, of course, remembers J.J. and finds her life unraveling as she tries to prove that the nice, giving J.J. is really the girl of her nightmares to her parents. What’s more Marni’s mom (Jamie Lee Curtis has her own issue to deal with—it turns out that J.J.’s guardian her aunt (Sigourney Weaver) was also her mom’s arch-nemesis in high school although under much different circumstances. ***

I have to give first time screenwriter Moe Jelline props for coming up with a terrific premise and while the film is mildly entertaining Jelline blows just about every comedic possibility for a truly fun, mean comedy about revenge that is presented to her. The good things in “You Again” are few but the performances despite the material is one of them and that includes Betty White who once again pulls out her daft grandma shtick and manages somehow to make it work even though we’ve seen it at least three times before. Somebody, please, cast Ms. White in a different more challenging role—she’s a great comedic and DRAMATIC actress who can do good stuff. Likewise please do the same for Curtis and Weaver two of our finest actresses gracing the screen today. I’m not so worried about Bell or Youtman—their careers are young enough for them to get plenty of great roles. ---

Image & Sound:

“You Again” features a very nice, sharp looking anamorphic transfer. The Blu-ray features nice skin tones, there’s a light grain evident and detail is sharp and clear for the most part although with some of the close ups on the actresses there was a slight loss of detail probably due to choices of either production or post-production filtering to soften their features a bit. ***

Audio sounds quite nice particularly during more active sequences but this isn’t a BD that will give you a run for your money when it comes to your home theater system.

Special Features:

We get a number of decent to very good featurettes. “Following Flickman” is exactly that—an opportunity to follow the director on set. ***

We also get bloopers, deleted scenes and “Ask the Cast” with “helpful” bits of advice from the cast on what to bring to your first school dance, how to ace an actress for a part in a film or on stage, etc. ***

“Funny or Die” is a perfect 3 minute distillation of the film from the internet site run by Will Farrell.

Final Words:

“You Again” has a great premise which is pretty much wasted. If this had been a British comedy I have the feeling that it would have been funnier and much more mean spirited. “You Again” isn’t necessarily a bad film just a geeky underachiever.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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