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“Zorro: The Complete First Season” & “Zorro: The Complete Second Season” (Limited Edition Tin box presentation on DVD)
Wayne Klein
Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Release Date:
Special Features:

Previews, introductions by Leonard Maltin,"Behind the Mask","A Trip to the Archives."


Before the late John Williams became “Lost in Space” he was the original masked avenger—Zorro. Don Diego de la Vega (John Williams) returns to California in 1820 to the home of his father. He discovers that California is in trouble. The new Commandante crushes the locals under his iron fist so de la Vega decides to go undercover and become the local legendary hero El Zorro or in English the Fox. ***

Disney’s “Zorro” aired during the early days of television becoming a popular staple because of the well directed action scenes, sharp performances and writing of the show. Disney didn’t pander to their audiences of the time instead focusing on a series that honored the Spanish settlers that founded California and lavished attention on creating a cinematic looking series. The supporting cast including Gene Sheldon, Henry Calvin and Don Alejandro did justice to the show by turning in sharp performances and director Norman Foster kept the action moving pulling in kids and adults alike with family entertainment. ***

The second season of the popular series was whelmed by director William Witney well known for the westerns he directed. ---

Image & Sound:

The show which ran 78 episodes was originally shot in black and white (the standard at the time when no one owned color TV sets) looks quite good with nice detail, solid blacks and nice contrast. *** Audio is presented in the original mono. ---

Special Features:

"Zorro-Season-1,we get introductions by film scholar Leonard Maltin who gives us the context and history of the series. It’s a nice extra although I would also have liked to see a full blown featurette on star John Williams who has fallen through the cracks of the history of TV. Williams who later went on to star on “Lost in Space” died at a relatively young age in the 1970’s,


Includes a still from "Zorro" and a collectible pin. Other bonus features are"Behind the Mask" a look behind the scenes and "A Trip to the Archives.

Final Words:

A fine pair of releases if you want “Zorro” you should act fast as it is being released in a limited edition tin set. After the initial run has sold out Disney has no plans on reissuing this series on DVD.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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